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Bus Speedometers

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OEM Datcon Quality
Why use Datcom to replace all speedometers? 5yr/500,000 mile warranty (500 series)
Bus speedometer
  • Can have mileage set to desired amount. (Turns to “0” at a million miles)
  • For 12 or 24 volt system (change bulb to match voltage)
  • Adjustable from 4,000 to 120,000 pulses per mile
  • Can receive signals from a magnetic sensor, signal generator or ECM
  • A tripometer with a tenth digit
  • Flush mounts in a 86mm (3.38”) holes

Wire harness kit

has 13 ft., 16 awg, signal, 8 ft; ground, 30 inch power and 10 inch light wire.

magnetic sensor

with watertight connection; 10 1/2 inch “exciter” dowels that press into 3/16 drum hole.

(Kit contains:


, 80 or 120 mph)
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